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Our Mission

Developers often waste more than a week discovering, learning, and linking each API to their apps. At the same time, company data is often trapped within legacy systems, making it hard to engage with partners and customers. XapiX is the only consumer-first platform that normalizes APIs and enables endpoint-level integration while also enabling brands to leverage an ecosystem of applications and gain a competitive advantage. XapiX makes it easy for enterprise developers to discover, integrate and manage data/services from multiple API providers. As the “Github of APIs”, XapiX also helps businesses promote and distribute API-based products, especially to power mobile APPs and IoT devices .



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Christain Umbach

Co-Founder & CEO / Product


Raphael Klingmann

Co-Founder & CSO / Strategy

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Oliver Thamm

Co-Founder & CTO / Technology


Joi Anderson

Developer Marketing



Andrew Boskin

Core Platform Development

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Elizabeth Ferrao

Product & Developer Advocacy

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