Simplify integrations
for your partners and customers

Maintain digital distribution through a single point of contact

A Lab with your data, your challenges & your prototypes.

Leverage our Labs as a platform and tap into a global community of innovators with your data
Bring in your data

Bring in your data.

New solutions should leverage the core assets of your current business

We are working with you to identify the right datasets, set up sanatized datasets and add a number of relevant other data sources to ensure a great foundation for innovation to flourish on. New innovations are most effective for your business when they related to your current data - our platform helps bridge the gap. We support data inputs from Excel sheets to various databases and APIs.


Empower startups and developers to prototype.

XapiX makes it easy for developers to combine datasets - with the right incentives we make sure that they are excited about the opportunities with you.

We help you run open or closed data challenges where startups, developers, and even your current suppliers can show off their approaches and solutions to your challenges. See the best ideas from around the globe turning into working prototypes. Our reach to more than 5,000 developers worldwide along with our developer tool your asset for easy, yet secure innovation around your data..

Validate Prototypes

Validate prototypes ahead of major investments.

Each Lab concludes with showcase apps and services that work and are tested by initial users.

Prototypes are a great way to communicate your new product internally and gain valuable external feedback. The end of the Lab marks the beginning of the next exciting phase: Narrowing down the scope and working towards implementing the new products.

Benefits for Enterprises

1. Test and validate before you build

Prototype new endpoints - integrate APIs, databases or CSV files

2. Scale your data distribution

Power an ecosystem of applications through a single point of contact

3. Gain insights into how your data is used

Learn about the usage of your API in the context of 3rd party services

Industry Examples

Dive into some examples how XapiX can be leveraged for your industry challenges.



  • Give access to leverage the car as a platform and have others build apps and services on top of data from the vehicle
  • Engage innovators from other industries to build new solution for your drivers based on your data as a foundation for the new venture – from improving city mobility,  to health and well-being or delivery solutions
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

  • Build new insights into your assets by connecting sensor data with relevant data from the environment – for instance through an easy mashup with third party whether, social or demand data
  • Use our scalable infrastructure to combine IoT insights from various providers to power apps, bots and device controllers.


  • Serve other applications with information around shipments
  • Make your logistics bookable within other apps – from ecommerce to food deliveries
Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

  • Integrate travel specific information such as flight status and offers around your customer's stay in other apps
  • Increase your sales by making your products bookable on other contexts
  • Power new apps such as Loyalty Points Battle, Easy Compensate, or Couponing solutions

Our Mission for a Connected World

to empower developer innovation and drive enterprise value-creation

by facilitating secure API interconnection and recombination

in order to build a smarter programmable web

Connected World

Our Value Proposition


XapiX is a prototyping, mashup and
"API-first" distribution platform

Nurture an ecosystem of innovative, customer-centric APPs that connect with the enterprise through a single point of contact

Easily collaboration with partners

Secure data integration from almost any source: APIs, SQL or CSV files. Enterprises maintain control of terms and conditions and access key

Let the tool do the magic

Recombine endpoints using drag-and-drop: endpoints are normalized and developers can model APIs to fit specific use cases