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XapiX’s Role in the Highly Interconnected Online World

Posted by Joi Anderson on Apr 12, 2017 10:41:55 PM

We live in an age where digital technology now breeds new business models and challenges existing products and services. There have been endless examples of this in the past decade. Individuals and business can internationally accept digital payments using Stripe. Netflix transformed from a small DVD rental company into a global streaming service. An Uber can be ordered from your wrist from an Apple Watch or using a virtual personal assistant named Alexa.

Consumers expect more digital innovations across more areas of their lives as they incorporate more web and mobile applications into their daily routines. Whether they are mobile or on the web, consumers not only expect digital solutions to solve their service issues, but ones that offer them a more integrated and seamless experience. Developers are challenged and expected to deliver new features and applications at new ever-increasing speeds.

Application programming interfaces, or APIs, hold the key to the digital transformation of our increasingly digital and information rich world. APIs are communication channels that connect data and services across platforms across and within companies to facilitate data integration. They inspire innovation, promote open-source data outlets, and  lead to unique experience for users. Being a part of the API economy and developing solutions that use API integrations is quickly becoming a necessity in the digital age, but it is not that easy.

Here is where XapiX can help.  XapiX is a developer-first company that created a platform to make working with APIs easy. The platform addresses common developer pain points, which  allow developers to focus on building and delivering  new projects.

On a single platform, a developer can:

  • Discover new APIs. Finding a useful API to use is the first step in starting a new project, but it is not that simple. XapiX offers a diverse and growing API market where developers can discover and select from multiple APIs and endpoints.

  • Integrate multiple APIs. XapiX makes API integration fast. Using intuitive  drag and drop virtual tools, users can bundle normalized endpoints into a single API call in minutes. Want to create an app that integrates Uber and Mapbox easily along with a few other APIs? With XapiX, you can do that.

  • Manage API integrations. XapiX allows developers to keep track of performance and usage of their new API project. Cache data of lagging endpoints and combine multiple endpoints to improve data quality & reliability.

For enterprises, this similar opens massive opportunities. XapiX helps enterprises grow sales by connecting their inventories with new customers through new channels. The data transformation layer enables high visibility for the enterprise while keeping IT infrastructure investment low. Enterprises primarily leverage the tool to:

  • Transform legacy data into modern APIs. Whether it’s your legacy web service or SQL database, enterprises are lacking modern technologies to expose data & services regardless of the narrow use case they were initially built for. XapiX transforms the data into modern RESTful JSON APIs which make it easy for developers to get started.

  • Distribute through a single point of contact. Tired of managing hundreds of service requests from the long tail of your developers? Or not even giving them access because you are not able to handle those requests? XapiX is a way to hunt down the opportunities of those users by giving enterprises a single interface which they can leverage to steer thousands of developers. As developers are modelling their API on top of our data inputs, the community profits from those maintained adapters.

XapiX is a powerful tool  for both developers and enterprises. Within just a few clicks, you can  discover the API endpoints that you need, prepare those endpoints for usage, and then integrate them into a single API project with analytics for performance management and code snippets for easy access. Try it now and complete an API project in 5 minutes.

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